Friday, October 15, 2010

DAY 209

Karson went up to the U of U again today for another appointment with Dr. Elovic who then increased the baclofen in his pump. He also gave increased some of his medication that makes him more alert. We are doing everything we can to get him up there for physical therapy. Karson has to be able to do physical therapy for 4 to 6 hours a day so we are working for that goal. His muscles are not so tight in his arms, legs and shoulders but they really have to be more flexible to do aggressive therapy. The baclofen is like a muscle relaxer surging through his spinal colomn to make everything not so tight. He has another appointment next thursday to get his levels increased again. They have to do it slowly so it doesn't effect his breathing stats. His 72 hour EEG results came back and he does not have any seizure activity at all so that was great news. Thanks for all your continued support and love. Karson appreciates all of you. Thanks Aunt Val for the pumpkins....your family continues to give him tons of support and they look very festive in his room. A special thanks to Megan Farmer, his cousin, she makes sure that Karson is clean and comfortable when I am not there and makes sure that the nurses and aides do their job. You are an angel. LOVE TO YOU ALL......

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  1. So glad to hear the great news about your EEG, no seizures is fantastic. Thanks so much for the updates Susan, you are all in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    Love you
    Lisa & Sterling