Sunday, October 17, 2010

DAY 211

Karson will be able to go to the U of U rehab as soon as the doctors feel that they can do the most good for him. Karson's insurance only pays for a one time stay at the U of U and they have to give reports on how he is improving each day or he can't stay there. What we are doing is all the procedures that we can do before he goes there so that when he does get there, he will have the best chances to improve and therefore stay longer and get the assistance to get him back where he deserves to be. That is why we have placed the baclofen pump and are raising the levels each week so that his muscles will be ready to handle the 4 to 6 hours of physical therapy. His muscles are not so tight but still we have to get them to loosen up a little more. We have another appointment with the Doctor this Thursday to elevate his levels once again. They have to do it slowly so it doesn't effect his stats. He had his levels moved up on Friday and we had to put him on a low does of oxygen yesterday because his stats were dropping and that is what we had to do after his dosage was elevated last week. His oxygen levels come up after a few days so we can give him more baclofen. The Doctor also ordered the continuous EEG to see about seizures that Karson passed with no seizure activity. We went to dinner with some friends last night and they didn't get from the blog if he was even going to get to go to the U of U and yes, he is. The minute the doctors think that they can do the most good for him, he will be up there. I don't explain the situation very well on the blog so if you have questions about Karson, please feel free to call. Then I can explain things better on the blog. Love to you all.


  1. We think of you all the time and wish your family the best. Hang in there Karson, we know you're strong and determined to get better. We know how much you love the U so we hope you will be there soon.
    We love you,
    Chet, Sue & family

  2. HEy Karson,
    We will be excited for the day that you can go to the U of U. I am sure you are too. That will be a great step in the right direction. We continue to pray for you and think of you all the time. Keep up the great work, you are awesome and we love you.
    Bruce, Val and Fam

  3. Hey Karson,
    We hope you can get to the U soon. Their program sounds great, and they'll be able to get you what you need. You've come so far, and you should be proud of that! I know it hasn't been easy, and there's no way a weakling could do what you have. You are so strong! Keep up the hard work! We'll keep praying for you!
    Jaclyn & Derek

  4. Sure do miss ya buddy! You're like a little brother to me. Stay strong! I know you're a fighter and can overcome anything! Next summer lets get you out on the golf course! Love ya buddy, Hang in there.

  5. Karson,
    Remember who you are. You are Karson Peterson, and you have the capacity within you to overcome this. You have Peterson DNA. You have a family that loves you beyond anything you can imagine. Focus your energy on all that is good about you. You can do this! I love you.

  6. We are continuing our prayers for you Karson. You are young and strong, and have so much ahead of you. Believe in "you", and believe in your Heavenly Father. Remember, He still performs miracles today. He does require faith and work on our part. Certainly you are proving by your determination, desire and hard work, that you are deserving of that miracle. You can do it----we know you can!!! We love you Karson, and we love your wonderful family! Carrie, David and Bryan