Monday, October 11, 2010

DAY 205

Karson had a week of ups and downs last week trying to get over the baclofen pump operation. He was on oxygen off and on all week because his stats kept on dropping. He was very irritable and restless. Part of him being uncomfortable was that he had an EEG attached to his head for three day and three nights. We are checking for seizure activity. The results should be in today or tomorrow from our neurologist. Jordan, his girlfriend, was here so that eased the pain a bit. He loves having her around. His best friend got married and I know that was very hard for him not to see that. Wyatt and Lindsay congratulations........You are the most perfect couple for each other. Karson continues to lose weight. He has dropped another 20 pounds in the last two weeks. He is wasting away. Karson had an appointment up in Salt Lake with Dr. Elovic to get his baclofen levels elevated on Friday. He had a small reaction to that on Saturday but seemed to be feeling better on Sunday. We will continue to stay on top of everything and make Karson as comfortable as possible so that he will continue to heal. Please keep praying for his recovery and thank you so much for your continued support.


  1. Karson-

    We love you so much and think about you all time. Hang in there!


  2. We continue to pray for Karson and family, as well as hold good, positive thoughts. This is a very difficult journey for each of you, but your strength and determination is an incredible example for us. We know that Karson is aware of your love and support, and he works even harder because of it. Now Kars, it is time for you to start packing on the pounds and "beef up." That will give you even more strength to win this battle. You have come so far, that you are already a winner----but we are excited to see you the victor of the next round! We love you all and are thankful for your updates. It is the first thing I look for each day. May Heavenly Father bless and strengthen you, as well as give you continued peace. Carrie, David and Bryan.

  3. Peterson Family,

    Thank you for this blog. We check it regularly. Karson is so blessed to have such a great family. We love you all.

    Karson, you are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and get better.

    Love, Tracy and Jan Rawle

  4. Sorry to hear of the complications. Sending a de-complication prayer your way.

  5. Dearest Karson and our sweet children and grand-
    children. It has been a long, difficult situation for all of you, but so many of us are still praying and hoping for a miracle for our beloved boy. We haven't seen Karson for awhile, but he is in our hearts every single day and we are looking forward to visiting with him soon. You have all perservered and shown much courage for which we are thankful. It is the hope that Karson will come back to us that keeps us all going from day to day. We have such awesome memories of him since he was born..... we will keep thinking of him till he wakes up and knows that we are all here for him and have been since the beginning of this nightmare. Stay strong and positive. just as you have been for seven long months. May God our Father bless and keep you during the difficult days and nights ahead.
    We love you....from all the Peterson Family.

  6. Karson, It is so hard to see you suffer, but I am so amazed by you! You have been fighting SO hard to get better. I feel sorry for myself if I have to be in the hospital for more than 3 days, and you have put up with unbelievable circumstances -yet you just continue to rebound. When I see how resilient your parents are, I know you are made of the right stuff to overcome tough times. I pray for you always. Hope to see you soon,

  7. Hey Karson,
    It was great seeing you today. I loved that Karson smile you finally gave me after we talked for awhile. Our thoughts and prayers contine to be with you and your precious family each and every day. Your name goes in the prayer roll at the Manti Temple every Thursday when I work. Your strenght and fight contine to amaze us all. You are AWESOME. Keep up the fight and we will see you soon.
    Love, Bruce, Val and Fam