Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DAY 199

Karson is back to the Provo Rehab after having the permanent baclofen pump placed in his back. He seems not be as tight in his shoulders and his arms. We are going up to Salt Lake this Friday to see his doctor at the U of U, so that he can fine tune the dosage that will work for Karson. He seems a little uncomfortable now because he went through surgery to get the pump placed but I know it is only temporary. He starts a three day EEG this afternoon to see if he is still having seizure activity. He has been on seizure medication since the accident happened just in case of seizures. We haven't seen any sign of seizures but to really see if they are going on, we felt like he had to do this continuous EEG. He is responding more and more to everybody when they talk to him. He answers yes and no questions which has really been helpful in making him comfortable. Jordan Imani, Karson's girlfriend, came last week and she visited him. He absolutely loved her here. Thanks Jordan for all the time you spent with him. He misses you now and can't wait for you to come back out. Thanks for all your continued support. We all feel comforted by your love and prayers. This has been such a long drawn out ordeal and I can't believe all the people that still write, call and stay in touch. Our hearts are full of gratitude from all the support.


  1. Hello Karson, very happy to see your improvement and communicating more and more. You have come such a long way, keep at it, you are winning, you will win. Soon it will be day 200, that is OK, because you are getting better day by day, that is the most important thing, you are progressing :) Keep the faith, for we believe in you and your healthy recovery, the world is with you. A big thank you for all the medical staff, your friends and family, you have the strength and patience. Talk with you soon, Take Care Bruce
    Sorry for not commenting for a bit, have been busy on the farm.

  2. Kars, we are happy to hear that you are able to respond more and help with your pain level and healing process. We are so glad that Jordan was able to come and see you. Isn't it great to know how much you are loved by so many people---as is every member of your family! Bryan misses you so much Karson. He said that he starts to call you to hang out, or he waits for your call, to say, "Get over here," because you are not only his best friend, but you were a great help and strength to him too. He needs his Buddy! We pray for and look forward to the time when you make that call to him again. And it will not be long, we know it! Love and Hugs, Carrie, David and Bryan

  3. Hi Karson,
    We are always so happy to hear of your progress. It may seem slow but you are going to get there. You have so many who care about you and are so interested in your recovery. It is so good to hear that you are responding more and more and it will only get better. We admire your wonderful mother and family for their effortless care. Please know of our love and constant hope for you. Love you tons.
    Aunt Lana & Family

  4. Karson,
    I am so happy that you got to spend time with Jordan! That must have been great!!! Now I am sending you my hopes and prayers for the pump to be effective in relaxing your muscles and giving you some relief. I know that you know what is going on and it is not easy to be you right now. But know that there are literally hundreds of people hoping and praying for you every day, and I believe in you too!
    Love you,

  5. Karson,
    We are glad to hear that you are responding to your pump and that you are answering questions with a yes or no answer. What great improvements you have made. Keep up the the good work! We are all thinking and praying for your recovery. Hope to see you soon.
    Chet, Sue, Jennifer and Eric