Saturday, October 2, 2010

DAY 196

We did the baclofen pump trial and we could see some change especially in the arms. We decided to go ahead with the permanent baclofen pump so that it would ease up his muscles to do physical therapy. As time goes on and the brain heals a little more, hopefully we will see more of a change. Karson seems so much more comfortable now that the baclofen is surging through his spinal cord. He has been taking baclofen for his spastic arms and legs orally but it just was not doing the trick so we weined him off from that and installed the pump. Dr. Elovic from the U of U says that the pump is much more effective which is the consensus of about every other specialist that I have talked to. Karson will be at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo for the weekend to regulate the dosage of the pump and then he will be back to the rehab in Provo. He has a continuous EEG scheduled at the rehab for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week. Both the pump and the EEG were on the list of things to do before we see Dr. Elovic in three weeks at the U of U rehab. We are getting things done slowly but surely. Our whole family feels your love, support and prayers continually. Thanks for seeing us through this long and tedious process. Your support is truly giving us all comfort and hope. Love you all.


  1. Karson, I am so happy that the pump is helping you! You have been through so much, but anything that is going to help those muscles is GREAT news to hear.
    Love you and hope to see you soon,

  2. Way to keep moving forward! We sure hope this makes you feel better and more flexible. Good luck with the EEG - think happy thoughts! The Jorgensen's

  3. It sounds like you are progressing well and getting things taken care of. I hope this pump will take care of the pain and Karson won't be so stiff. Keep up the progress and continue to fight. We think of you everyday and all of you are in our prayers. Be strong! We need you back, Karson. Hang in there and continue to be a strength and inspiration to all of us. We love you! Jace & Shelly King and kids