Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DAY 192

Karson had an appointment with Dr. Gardener who is a neurosurgeon today about getting a baclofen pump. Dr. Gardener is doing the trial on the baclofen pump in the morning at 8:00 a.m. He could see that this could really assist Karson in not being in so much pain and I am putting it out there that this works. Karson arms and legs are in so much pain when you touch them. They do the trial for two days to see if it works and if it does then then implant it so that he has medicine going in at all times. Baclofen orally doesn't seem to do the trick but the pump, in most cases, works well. If not, we will go to the next route which is surgically stripping the joint and then working it through physical therapy so that he can get movement back into his joints. All I can say is that Karson is one tough person....I don't know if I could have been through what he has. He does get frustated at times but then he pulls himself up and puts his game face on. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. We really do take them all into consideration. Thanks to Uncle Brad, Aunt Julia and Kass for taking care of Karson in the emergency room last weekend when I went to be with Mike in Seattle. Karson was in good hands with the company that he had. LOVE YOU ALL............


  1. I am sure that with Karson's determination the pump will work!!! Karson, you are amazing - but then your whole family is. Looking forward to the next update.
    Sterling & Lisa

  2. Love you Karson! You are doing so well :) Keep it up! I hope the pump will work so that you aren't in so much pain! I am sure that that would be nice for you! :) We love you guys and you guys are such an amazing family! :)

    The Jacobson's (James and Macie)

  3. Good Morning Karson,
    We all love you so much. We are praying for you every day. We pray that the pump will work for you. You are an amazing young man with so much will power and determination. We love you all so much. You are such an amazing family and great examples to us all. Thanks for the up dates. We look forward to them every day (that is if we can keep our computer up and running). We look forward to seeing you soon.
    Love ya tons,
    Bruce and Valene

  4. You are in wonderful hands with Dr. Gardener he is amazing. I'm glad to hear that you are working with him.
    Karen Arambulo