Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY 187

We met with Dr. Elovic at the U of U yesterday and had an amazing appointment. With our insurance, we only have one shot with therapy. So we are getting him ready for therapy with changing up his medications and getting the baclofen pump trial done so hopefully that will ease the pain Karson has been having and make him not so tight in his arms and legs. He was very hopeful that if the baclofen pump doesn't work then, we can try surgery to strip the joints so that Karson will have motion in his knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and fingers. I know that this is causing Karson a lot of pain and suffering right now. I know that his why he cries out so much because he is more aware of what is happening around him and he can't move like he wants to. With all the changes we are making, I pray that Karson will get better and better. We have another appointment in a month at the U of U to see what changes have been made and then we will go from there. I am impressed with the doctors knowledge on brain injuries and feel like we have finally found someone that really is taking care of Karson's needs. If any of you have loved ones that have a brain injury, don't mess around with all the other specialists like we have done, got right to the U of U. I feel confident that you will be taken care of, not just thrown drugs and negative advice. Thanks for all your prayers, your sweet comments, your emails and all the cards, letters and treats. Our family is truly blessed to have all of you in our lives.


  1. So good to hear that your U of U visit went so well and that Karson's pain might be lessened. You all are amazingly strong. May the next month hold more good things.

  2. Karson,
    We could hardly wait to hear how the appointment at the U of U went. It sounds like all went well. So happy to hear that the doctor is hopeful and knows just what medications you need to get you ready for theopy. This is an answer to our prayers. You are constanly in our thoughts. Keep working hard this next month and know of our love for you and your family.
    Love alwyas,
    Aunt Lana & Family

  3. Dear Friends: We're so glad to hear that you have found the right doctor/s now! Through your "trial and error," period, you have gained much wisdom and can now share that wisdom to bless the lives of others. It is, of course, the "if only's," for you. Please don't beat yourself up for those. You have done everything in your power to make the right decisions with the information you were given. Karson has progressed so amazingly with all of the love and care he has been given. We are praying for his pain to ease, and the doctors to be guided to do what is best for our wonderful Kars! With love, Carrie, David and Bryan

  4. The U of U is amazing and it is great to hear that the visit was so informative and encouraging. We have no doubt the there will be more good news coming. I know that if anywhere can help with Karson's pain they can at the U of U. Looking forward to more good news. Prayers and love to you all.
    Lisa & Sterling

  5. Susan,
    I attended a conference this week featuring the Intermountain Therapy Dogs. They talked about their work with coma patients and I thought of Karson. I'm wondering if you could get them to come and visit Karson while he is waiting to go to the U of U. These dogs seem to sense what the patient needs and often when they wake up fully, they ask for the dogs. This is a link to their website
    Thanks for this blog, you would be surprised at how many friends are following it.
    Suzanne MacCabe