Monday, January 3, 2011

DAY 289

Thank you so much for all the Christmas wishes and Happy New Year wishes that you sent Karson and our family. I know that a lot of you made a personal visit to Karson's room over the holidays which is much appreciated. Plus, all the great gifts that you gave Karson. We are putting them all to good use. Karson is doing well except for him biting his lip again. His speech therapy and physical therapy are coming along great. We are just waiting for the day when Dr. Elovic gives us the okay to move him up to the rehab at the U of U. Karson has to be able to move his muscles better which the baclofen pump assists in doing. We go up again next week to get his levels increased. Our family have high hopes for this coming year. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and friends supporting us through this difficult journey. May 2011 bring much happiness into all your lives.


  1. Hello Karson, a Very Merry Xmas [ belated ] and Happy New Decade :) Spent some time with your Mom, Dad, Sister [ Karissa ], Jess and their children over the holidays, was good to see them all again. They had fun, spending time in a place where there is no snow. We still have your puzzles, that you made the last time you were here, assembled on your Dad and Mom's yacht. Looking forward for you to return and disassemble them and make some new ones. It is a new begining today, it is the first new moon of the new year/decade, think especially good thoughts. You have progressed well over the last year, there will be even more progress to your healthy recovery in this year of 2011. Keep faith in yourself and the people around you, you are succeeding, you will succeed and will walk with us again. Do Take Care, make good effort daily, the strength is in you. Talk with you soon, Bruce

  2. Susan, Mike and Karson, It has been a while since I have been able to read the blog. I caught up today, and am amazed how well you are doing, Karson. I know so much of your success is due to your tremendous will and strength, and also to the love and encouragement you are given from your Mom and Dad and family. I admire all of you so much for your efforts. Keep up those efforts, and we look forward to seeing you at home in the near future. We are so blessed to have the Petersons in our lives, and love you all. Our prayers are with you. xo JoEllen