Saturday, December 25, 2010

DAY 280 - Christmas Day

Christmas certainly has been different this year without Karson here. He got to come home for 3 1/2 hours yesterday but the van wasn't running today so we couldn't get him home. He loved being here on Christmas Eve but most of all, we enjoyed him here. Our house just isn't the same without our everloving, always joking, spontaneous, and sweet brother, son and uncle. Our little Reese, who just turned two, looked at me today in the mist of celebrating, and said "Where's Karson?" All of us were missing him badly and know that he will be here with us next year. He had an appointment with Dr. Elovic on Thursday and they moved his baclofen pump which is always a good sign because if he hasn't progressed or if he is in any pain, they won't increase it. In January, we have him signed up for 2 hours a day with a physical therapist that we know will aid in getting Karson where he has to be to get moved up to the U of U rehab. His speech therapist says that every time she works with Karson, he gets better. He is trying to talk to her so she is going to work on ways for him to tell us what he is trying to say. As soon as the speech therapist feels like he is ready, we will do a swallow test to see if he can start putting solids in his mouth. I can't wait to give him his first bite of real food. We wish all of you a very happy holiday season. Happy New Year to All.


  1. Mike and Susan,

    We are so happy to hear that Karson is doing better and was able to spend some time at home for the holidays. We are praying that 2011 will be a good year for Karson and your family.


    Dave and Leslee

  2. We're so happy to hear that Karson is making progress. It'll be great for him to eat real food again! That's great he was able to go home for a while on Christmas Eve. We love you all so much and hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Chet, Sue, Jaclyn, Derek, Jenn & Eric

  3. Much love to your and your family Karson. Always so glad to hear you're improving! Still reading the blog and sending healing thoughts your way all the time!

  4. What a blessing to have Karson home for awhile on Christmas Eve! My eight year old grandson kept apologizing for not having a present to give me for Christmas. Each time I assured him that it was not a problem, eventually telling him that, "When you're old, you really don't need anything." ;o) He finally asked, Grandma, what WOULD you have wanted for Christmas?" I said, "Payton, you won't really understand this right now because you're young, but we have everything we could ever want because we are blessed to have our family with us. That is the greatest Christmas present of all!" Having lost a son, we know the truth of that, and someday our grandson will understand the gifts that are truly the most important in life. I am so grateful that our Karson continues to fight hard to get better and come home to be with all those that love him, and that he loves. Our prayers, thoughts and love to each one of you. May the year 2011 bring increased faith, strength and----Karson home! God bless. The Bolda's, Carrie, David and Bryan.

  5. You just keep moving forward, Karson, slowly but surely! Your cousin Nick is home now and will be moving to Provo soon so will be able to visit and keep you company. Have a good week and continue the good fight in 2011! Love you, Cyndi

  6. We are so happy he was able to go home for a few hours. We love you all and hope you had a good holiday!

  7. Can I just tell you how hard it is to not come and see you as I am down with my family in good old Annabella. I miss you a ton Karson and even though I haven't seen you in a few days, I want you to know that I will come and see you as soon as I can once I am back up there. I am just taking a little vacation before school starts and just chillaxing (if that is even a word) at my parents house. I love you lots Karson and want you to know that.

  8. What a great Christmas present to be able to spend some time at home, so happy for you and your dear family. We love to hear of your progress. We know that 2011 will bring more progress and good news.
    Love to all of you.
    Sterling and Lisa

  9. Happy New Year Karson! Your determination is an inspiration to me. I am blessed to know you and your family. May 2011 be the year of more remarkable triumphs for you! You will continue to be in my heart and prayers throughout the year as I cheer for you from the sidelines!!! God will continue to bless you throughout your recovery and He will comfort and sustain your family as they continue to bear you up.
    Love you Kars!