Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DAY 241

Karson has finished his antibotic which really seemed to helped with making him feel so much better. He received botox in his cheeks to help ease the grinding of his teeth. Dr. Elovic also put some botox on the right side of his neck because Karson has a tendency to turn his head to the left and the right side of his neck gets really tight. Dr. Elovic moved his baclofen pump up to 180 which is still in the low range. I asked the doctor to give us an estimate on how long before he thinks that Karson will be able to handle physical therapy at the U of U and he said in about two months so that is what we are shooting for. He continues to be more and more alert everyday and is saying a lot more words. I can see a lot more movement due to the baclofen and the brain healing. Karson is such a strong person who is up for this fight. I am so impressed that he continues to be such a fighter. Thanks for all the support and love that you always send our family. Everyone always tells me that they put Karson on the prayer roll when they go to the temple. I can't believe how truly blessed we are to have such a wonderful family and friends as you all are.


  1. Karson,
    I'm so glad you are feeling better! I always pray that you'll be comfortable and not be in pain. I'm so thankful for the medical staff that takes care of you, and is so knowledgeable, and can help you be more comfortable while you go through all this. It will be great for you to get into the U in January/February. Just in time for the new year. A new year, a new beginning. Keep up the hard work Karson. You are so strong and we know you can do it! We love you!
    Jaclyn & Derek

  2. Karson, you amaze me. I see so much fight in your eyes and your desire to communicate and heal. One day this will all be a memory and you will be enjoying the life your deserve. You can do this, you have it in you to heal. Keep progressing and becoming stronger everyday.