Thursday, November 4, 2010

DAY 229

Karson has had an infection and has been taken an antibotic which is starting to make him feel a lot better. He was really miserable for a few days so I am glad to see him finally sleeping and being a much happier person. He is very alert now so I know that increasing the dosages on his meds are working. He is not having his sweating fits as much since we put him on a medication for that so he is more comfortable. His muscles are easing up from the baclofen pump. All in all, things are going pretty good. He doesn't go to the U of U this week because his doctor has conferences so we will take him up to raise his levels of baclofen next friday. The doctor is also going to give him botox in his neck and cheeks to relieve some of his tension in those places. He is answering most of the nurses and aids now when they ask him questions so they are even seeing him progress. He used to only answer certain people. His brain is slowly healing which we are all so grateful for. With this a month of reflecting gratitude, we have so much to grateful for. Thanks for following this blog and for your continued support. It assists Karson so much in healing to know that people love and care for him.


  1. The blessings for our Karson continue. Certainly not as quickly as we would like, but countless lessons are being learned from this journey. I think that patience is a difficult thing for many of us. I find that most of life's lessons for me, are always those that involve a very lengthy learning process (can you say "slow learner"?) Since I am a person that likes to be able to control situations and fix problems immediately, I seem to be given those trials that make me helpless to "fix" or change anything---things which are totally out of my control. And just when it seems that I finally have a bit of hope and peace, it is time for another "learning experience". Through these trials, I have recognized that I can do nothing on my own. I have been brought to my knees continually, and begged for the help of my Heavenly Father; and while nothing may change immediately, I am blessed with the peace and strength to be able to endure trials that I never imagined possible. Please know that we love you and pray for YOUR continued peace and strength. Carrie, David and Bryan

  2. Karson,
    Remember we think of you every day and hope for your continued healing. You have made such progress since the injury. We love you!
    Uncle Mike, Aunt Cyndi, Amanda, Nick, Ben, Carly, and Kate

  3. Karson, I am so happy you are feeling better and the antibiotic is helping! You are such a strong kid with an amazing amount of resilience. I think of you so much and always carry a prayer in my heart for your healthy recovery. Love to you and your family,

  4. Glad to hear the anitbiotic is working. Karson keep up all you're hard work. We continue to pray everyday for you! We love you!

  5. Karson,
    I just got home from visiting Katie down in Vegas and one of the first things I did when I got home was check your blog. I was so happy to find that you are feeling better. Grandma King went with me and Mindy flew in from Arizona. All of them sends their love to you. We are always hoping and praying for you. Keep working hard. We love you.
    Love always,
    Aunt Lana & Family

  6. Hey Karson,
    We were excited to hear that the antibiotics were working and you are feeling much better. We all send our love for you and your family. Our prayers are constant for you. We are so grateful for the great champion you are. Keep up the good hard work. Be seeing you soon.
    All our Love, Bruce, Val and Fam

  7. Karson,
    We are so excited to hear about all the progress you are making! We continue to keep you in our prayers! We love you Buddy
    Gene, Natalie and Kids

  8. Hey Kars!
    It's your cousin Nick here in Korea...I'll be home in just over a month and I'll be really glad to see you. You always had that Peterson stubbornness just like the rest of us, and I know that you are gonna keep fighting until you pull through. I keep praying for your continued progress, and hope that you keep fighting! I'll see you soon buddy.
    Love ya!
    Elder Jorgensen