Friday, September 17, 2010

DAY 182

Karson had two appointments yesterday. One with his neurologist that changed his medications to work better for him and added a new one that is supposed to work wonders. He was very alert yesterday for the neurologist and did everything he asked him to do. Then we went over to the Physical Therapist doctor and he got him an appointment to get a baclofen pump trial. This will help Karson so that he isn't so stiff in his muscles. If the trial works, then they will permanently implant it in his back. He will be getting more botox in a month in his shoulders and arms to make the joints relax. If all this doesn't work to relax the muscles, then they go in surgically and strip the joint so it isn't stuck. This is all quite a process and he is going to get there. We have our appointment with the U of U doctor on Wednesday to see whatever we have to do to get him in the rehab there. Hopefully, we can get him up there as soon as possible. They won't take him until they feel like he can handle the aggressive physical therapy that they do. I am anxious to get him there and Karson is really ready to go. Thanks for the comments you send to Karson. Now I know that he truly hears them and loves them because he can tell me so. Thanks for all the support.


  1. Karson,
    It is so fabulous to hear the progress you are making. Keep up all your hardwork! you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. we love you! We will be sending our love on wed!

  2. Karson,
    You are probably so tired of my comments but we think of you so much. We check the blog everyday to find out how you are doing. So greatful to your mom for keeping us updated. She is so amazing. You are so fortunate to have such a loving family. We are praying that you can soon get into the rehab at the U of U. Good luck this week with your appointment. Hope you have a very productive week. We luv U tons.
    Aunt Lana and Family

  3. Oh Karson, Susan, and whole Peterson family! How much we love you and are so grateful to here of the progress you are making! You are in every prayer- especially when it is Spencer's turn. He never ever forgets. Thanks for keeping us updated through this blog. I guess today is the big day you find out about the U of U possiblity. We are hoping and praying that it works out for you. Much love, Karla Carter