Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DAY 180

We are creeping up on the 6 month mark. Not in my wildest dreams did I predict that brain injuries take this long to heal. Karson has been through so much and fights daily to get better. I am so impressed with his will to be whole again. He is starting to talk to the nurses now, which is wonderful. He only says one or two words and you have to ask a question and then wait for a few seconds for him to respond. If you go into see him and he doesn't do this, don't feel bad because sometimes he gets cloudy and can't do this but he is doing it more and more. We are having an appointment with his neurologist and his physical therapist doctor for new meds and possibly some more botox this thursday. We have our appointment with the U of U rehab next Wednesday so I will know more about where is going to be in the next little while by next week. I am hoping that they take Karson. He has to be able to do physical therapy for 4 to 6 hours a day. I really think that he can handle that. I know that he wants to get this show on the road. Life would be so much more difficult if our family didn't have all of you caring and being there for us. Thanks for all the love, prayers and support.


  1. Your progress is always so good the hear. We will be praying for the U of U physical therapy and look forward to hearing how it goes. You are such a fighter and we are so glad that each week you have new accomplishments. Susan, thanks so much for the updates. Love and prayers to you all.
    Lisa & Sterling

  2. Karson,
    We know your are working very hard. We are so proud of you and we have never once thought that you can't win this battle. You have been through a lot and yet, you have come such a long way. You are always in our prayers and we support you and your family 100 percent. Your family is so special and they love you unconditionally. XOXO
    Love always,
    Aunt Lana & Family

  3. Dear Susan and Mike,
    Its wonderful to hear about the progress that Karson is making. Hopefully the meeting next Wed. will lead to a speedier recovery. All of you working together make a great team. Keep up the good work!
    Much love,Janice and Dan

  4. Karson, You are improving so much, it's a miracle! Stay strong and know that we love ya! It's exciting to hear all the progress you are making. You are simply amazing, hang in there and keep fighting! Jace, Shelly and kids

  5. Karson, I just wanted to let you know that even after almost 6 months, everyone that was there for you at the begining is still right by your side today (both literally and figuratevely). Your making progress everyday and are an inspiration to all of your family and friends! Keep up the good work! Love and miss you man!

    P.s. Thank you to Karson's family for keeping this blog as not all of us are able to see his proggress in person. He is lucky to be so loved!